Visiting Durdle Door

Chances are you will have seen the beautiful Durdle Door on Instagram. I have been lucky enough to visited it a bunch of times over the years

If you aren't aware, Durdle Door is located on the Jurassic coast in Dorset, South England. But on a sunny day, it could easily be in Greece.

Taking in the view

Man O' War Beach

Getting there:
Durdle Door is near West Lulworth Dorset, BH20 5PU.
Due to the nature of Durdle Door, it is not really suitable for wheelchairs or push chair - the path to the arch is steep and uneven. To access the beach, you must use steep steps.

You can park either at West Lulworth or Durdle Door holiday park. If you are lucky, you can park on the side of a road in Lulworth fo free, if not the car park fees are fairly expensive but in my oinion, worth it for the convienience!
Benefits of parking at the holiday park: toilets, closest to Durdle Door, don't have to climb a hill to get there
Benefits of parking at Lulworth: more toilets, bigger car park, Lulworth Cove

Bus: There is a bus service however it is very infrequent and only runs a few times a day

Train: the nearest train station is Wool, you'll then need to catch a bus or taxi (around £15-20 a trip (estimate)). Wool is on the main train line from London to Weymouth.

Top things to do what to do;
 - sit on the beach and relax
 - kayak or paddle board (bring your own
 - go for a walk - personally I recommend walking from Durdle Door to Weymouth, however this requires planning with transport and timings. At a nice pace this takes 4-6 hours.
 - take a boat trip and see Durdle Door from the sea (I would recommend booking in advanced to avoid disappointment)
- Take in the view from a nearby hill - much, much less crowded than the beach
 - Swim at Man O'War beach - just a few metres from Durdle Door



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