24 hours in Tokyo : Sensō-ji

Last summer I spent 10 fun-filled days in Japan. Although most of our time was spent in the North of the country, we spent our first full day exploring Tokyo.

Tokyo is a city of contrasts - futuristic robot restaurants can be just meters away from beautiful traditional buildings. Senso-ji is Japans oldest (and one of the most beautiful) Buddhist Temple. It's also the most widely visited spiritual site in the world - it's not hard to see why!

To reach the temple we walked through an parade of shops which sold every single stereotypical Japanese gift (kimonos, fans, lucky cat charms...) you could ever dream of and at very reasonable prices!
 These stores sold the best range of souvenirs we saw on our whole trip in Japan so be sure to take some spending money. There were also a number of food shops including ice-cream burgers.

The temple is free to visit, however there are some little extras you can pay for, such as getting a fortune (just 100 yen). I was thrilled to get a 'best' fortune and gladly kept it as a momento: those not so lucky are advised to fold their fortune and tie it onto the metal rods as shown above.

Visiting Senso-ji is a great introduction to Japanese culture and a must do when in the capital. It's a fun area and although a bit of a 'tourist trap' you great a real sense of the uniqueness of Japan. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the city, especially if, like me, you are short for time.

Getting there: Senso Ji is located in Asakusa and is just...
A 15 minute train ride from Tokyo Station
A 20 minute train ride from Shinjuku
A 30 minute train ride from Shibuya
The closest station is Asakusa which is a 5 minute journey by foot
The large lanterns and gates make it hard to miss!

Add this to your bucket list...

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